Shahaf Upgraded Plastic Ltd. has been recycling plastic since 1997. The 20,000 sq. meter company is located at Alon Tavor Ind. Zone, Afula.

The plant recycles and upgrades plastic raw materials particularly polyolefins and styrenes such as: HDPE, LDPE, PP, PC, ABS, etc.

In addition the company exports recycled raw materials, and has recently started developing finished products which are based on recycled materials.
Shachaf Material Upgrading
     The Plant & the Environment
Shahaf Upgraded Plastic Ltd. absorbs huge amounts of plastic waste, which would otherwise find its way to legal and illegal dump sites around the country. It must be emphasized that these materials are not degradable even after 100 years.
Shahaf treats an enormous volume of waste and so aids in the conservation of the environment.

In actual fact, the recycling plant is used as a dump site for all intents and purposes, but does not cause the same environmental damage caused to the soil and groundwater as conventional dump sites.
The company operates nationwide and serves many satisfied customers. We will be happy to serve you as well.